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Brian Corbell Sr.

Brian Corbell Sr. specializes in real estate acquisition, workouts, disposition, refinancing, and in some cases, direct management of REO assets. This has included the acquisition, development and operation of hotels and resorts, and the acquisition and workout of loan assets from the FDIC and the RTC and REO assets from lending institutions.

Over the last 40-years Mr. Corbell has acquired, developed and operated hotel and resort properties across the country for major companies, financial institutions and for investment groups. His work has included the development of large real estate and resort projects, the turnaround, management and disposition of hotels and other real estate assets, and the operation of companies with hotels ranging in size from 60 to 2,000 rooms, and on-sites in primary cities or resorts or in developments of up to 5,000 acres.

Mr. Corbell has been engaged in all aspects of the acquisition of REO assets directly from lenders and the acquisition of loan packages from the FDIC and the RTC, managing their subsequent workouts through negotiation or takeover through foreclosure and Bankruptcy.

Mr. Corbell has a B.S. in Business from the University of California at Berkeley and a J.D. from the University of Southern California School of Law.

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