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What makes the principals of Coastal States Management Corporation unique in our industry is not simply that we have played active roles in the disposition, acquisition, turnaround, asset and operational management of distressed real estate assets; but that over the last 40 years we have been owners and managers of hotel, resort and other real estate properties plus other businesses which use real estate.

Because of the variety and depth of our experience – including work with the FDIC, RTC and lending institutions – we are able to get to the heart of complex situations and solve problems with a solid base of time-earned understanding.

Our aim is always to provide concrete solutions that compliment the client’s existing resources and objectives. Our focus is to take an active role to execute plans which we develop, as opposed to developing extensive consulting reports. We present our work in brief written form.

Our work does not include providing appraisals, accounting of the type which CPA firms provide, or legal advice, though some of our principals are also lawyers and are very experienced with accounting, and therefore able to deal with complex structures and litigation.



Coastal States was engaged by the Sundance Group to assist with major issues regarding their Sundance Resort in Utah, the brainchild and favorite project of Robert Redford who lived there much of the time. The resort had failed to properly complete a major capital program, had severe operational cost problems and needed certain entitlements from the County that were important to future development.



Over a period from December 1996 through April 2000 we provided: (a) Management Planning & Oversight for operations, (b) Development Management to re-do certain physical projects, execute those not begun and plan for additional elements; and (c) Direct Negotiation with County government to modify boundaries of uses within the core of the Planned Unit Development.